Fire and Shelter Building Workshop

Saturday, November 18 from 10am-12pm

Work together with your child(ren) to learn the basics of fire making and shelter building in this free activity at The Grammar School on Saturday, November 18 from 10am-12pm. Children must be accompanied by a parent (or other adult) participant. Please dress to be outdoors.

Matt Mitchell, 5th grade teacher and outdoor curriculum coordinator, and Annie Schulzinger, 4th grade teacher, will lead the event. Both Matt and Annie have backgrounds in environmental education and have spent the fall taking advantage of The Grammar School’s campus to build outdoor skills and environmental awareness in their students.

Why the Outdoors?

Outdoor study and play are key components of The Grammar School’s educational philosophy. Students are engaged at all grade levels in the natural world. We believe that time spent outdoors teaches us to observe, to collaborate, and to improvise. Students build understanding about systems and the interconnectedness of our world while enjoying the cognitive, emotional, and physical benefits of spending time in the outdoors.

How Does This Workshop Tie In To Our Curriculum?

Students from the 5th grade will be assisting with Saturday’s event as the culmination of a integrated unit on survival. Fifth graders have been exploring, through a laboratory and experiential-based approach, the science of survival: food, water, shelter, and in some cases, fire.

In addition to these four guiding principles, students also investigated and prepared a mini-lesson about a specific wilderness skill such as building a recycled water filtration system or signaling for help using Morse code. To culminate this unit, students will camp out on the TGS property in self-created primitive shelters following an all-day reflection hike to Mt. Wantastiquet in Hinsdale, NH. The hike is intended to inspire a transcendental connection with the natural world, as part of our year-long social studies unit on the story of the wilderness.  Prior to the overnight, students will design and create their primitive shelters using exclusively natural materials.