2nd Grade

Second Grade


Second Grade Curriculum Guide


Field Trip to One Room School House in Historic Deerfield Mass.

Field Trip to One Room School House in Historic Deerfield Mass.

Hands on, Experiential Learning

A pervasive air of industriousness emanates from the classroom as second graders settle into the serious yet fun business of learning. The second grade program takes place in a nurturing environment that provides hands on, experiential learning within the framework of a rich curriculum. Personal growth in resourcefulness and independence are the overarching goals for the year. Respect, tolerance and goodwill toward each other are core values that are practiced daily.

Private School Vermon Second Grade planting seeds in school garden

Planting seeds in the vegetable garden

  • Math stations provide an opportunity to practice cooperative partnerships and peer coaching. They are centered around place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurement, fractions, time, and money. These stations reinforce concepts by providing hands-on activities.
  • Students develop their writing skills by documenting, in a journal, the seasonal changes of a special tree. This tree forms the basis for art and poetry work throughout the year.
  • Writing their own autobiographies while studying the lives of Colonial Americans provide students with a wealth of current and past history.
  • Second graders work to develop the four skill sets of speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing in French.
  • Place-based science units such as Birds of Prey and Vermont Mammals take advantage of the TGS forest and provide a laboratory for exploration.
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