3rd Grade

Third Grade


Third Grade Curriculum Guide


Private School Vermont Reading time in third grade

Collaboration & Investigating the Natural World

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Constructive collaboration and respectful interactions are key attributes of a child’s experiences in the third grade.  In both social studies and science, third graders investigate how people use the form and structure of the natural world and the interaction with others to generate solutions.  Students gain flexibility in manipulating mathematical concepts and processes in a range of problem-solving situations.  They continue to develop critical skills as readers and writers.

When you enter the third grade classroom you may not see any third graders because they may be:

  • on the hillside with their writing journals documenting detailed observations and impressions in preparation for writing and painting when they return to their classroom;
  • cross-country skiing on the many trails surrounding TGS; OR
  • behind the school in the woods with nature journals and magnifying glasses investigating the interdependence of organisms under and around decomposing logs.


When you enter the third grade classroom you may see third graders:

Monthly visit to the Thompson House, a retirement home

  • in lively clusters of three or four arranging and rearranging and, finally, taping together four paper triangles to generate as many different polygons possible;
  • comfortably perched on a couch or a big pillow reading a chapter from Charlotte’s Web:
  • working in a partnership with a fourth grade peer to form a plaster mask as part of our Ancient Egypt unit;
  • scrutinizing 19th century American farm-life artifacts and photos to discover the “story” each conveys about this historical time period;
  • exploring color and light by mixing primary paints to complete a landscape painting during a study of the works of Winslow Homer; on the floor in a circle attentive to a classmate reading her lead to the tall tale she is in the process of composing.
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