5th Grade

Fifth Grade


Fifth Grade Curriculum Guide



Integrative Learning

The fifth grade curriculum emphasizes academic achievement and fosters positive social and emotional development. Students participate in hands-on learning activities that integrate subjects and build practical, intellectual, and creative skills. Students play active games that promote constructive group dynamics.  In fifth grade, students utilize the school ropes course in a series of challenge by choice activities. A schedule of hikes promote physical fitness and an appreciation of local and regional geography.

Independent School 5th grade Vegetable garden

School Vegetable Garden

  • A study of physical science is a highlight of the first semester science curriculum.  Students design and build wooden structures using traditional hand tools. We test our structures for strength and specific function. Students build gravity and motor driven vehicles as a challenge linked to lessons in circuitry, friction, momentum, acceleration, and drive ratios. Students utilize Lego Mindstorm kits to investigate robotics and programming.
  • Ancient Greek history and mythology are a cornerstone component of the spring curriculum.  Students learn about the origins of modern democracy, the rise of the Athenian Empire, and the vulnerability of a great civilization.  We read numerous myths and discuss them in the light of historical, etiological, and entertaining significance.  Art projects and model building activities are exciting components of the investigation.
  • Literature in the Language Arts curriculum is selected to promote reading and writing as life skills.  Literature is also used to integrate lessons in science and history.  Through active reading, students are encouraged to discover how areas of knowledge interrelate. Critical and creative writing are emphasized and incorporated in a variety of interdisciplinary projects. The spelling curriculum is based on the Greek and Latin base words that create the foundation of modern vocabulary.