6th Grade

Sixth Grade


Sixth Grade Curriculum Guide


INdependent School Sixth grade Program Classroom Study

Independent Learners

Independent School Sixth Grade Recorder PracticeStudents in the sixth grade are working toward becoming independent learners. They have a great deal of energy and a strong desire to socialize with their peers. They want to try new things and explore the world through making their own decisions and choices. They fluctuate between demanding independence, and craving clear structure and goals. In the sixth grade, the curriculum provides the structure students need while giving them opportunities and creative outlets for making choices and decisions for projects and topics of study. Students are able to take more responsibility for their own learning, and develop habits of mind and a joy for learning that will carry them through future academic endeavors.

  • Fall themes blend Vermont history with the New England environment. Students actively explore the natural world on our 60 acre wooded campus. They do an overnight at Button Bay and participate in a Paddling Ecology field trip to do scientific studies on Lake Champlain.
  • Starting in February the students take part in an eleven-week on-line investigation in which they use photoperiod as the central clue to find ten secret sites around the globe.
  • During the spring, students choose a topic for individual study, culminating in a research paper and oral presentation.