8th Grade

Eighth Grade


Eighth Grade Curriculum Guide


Transitions & New Beginning

Eighth grade at TGS is both a year of culminating events and the beginning of studying at a higher level. Students are asked to be leaders at TGS, while they look ahead at their options for secondary school.  As a transitional year, it has both the excitement of allowing students to be confident in their role here and full of wonder as to what comes next. It is a year of confidence building and academic challenge experienced in a supportive environment with friends and fun.

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  • Algebra I, a study of the United States Constitution and the reading of great American classic literature form the core of the eighth grade curriculum.
  • The eighth grade at The Grammar School goes on two overnight field trips, both based on their study of American history. The first is a trip to Concord and Boston Massachusetts in the fall, and the second is a trip to Nantucket in May.
  • Dramatic traditions in the eighth grade include: a dessert theatre performance, the Mummer’s Play (which has been performed annually since TGS was founded 50 years ago) and a Broadway musical.