French Program


French Curriculum Guide

Quebec City Canada


The French classroom is a place where games, songs, poems, and hard work come together. Students are encouraged to play and study to cultivate their French. In the younger grades, language learning is made fun with games and play. In the older grades, written language merges with spoken French to enrich vocabulary.

french-private-school-vermont-4th-gradeThe goal of the French program at The Grammar School is for students to attain basic proficiency in the French language and a combination of familiarity and curiosity about the Francophone (French speaking) world that will spur life-long interest in other cultures. We will work to develop the four skill sets: speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing, with an emphasis on oral expression. Early grades (pre-k and kindergarten) will focus solely on oral expression and comprehension.

This year, in first through eighth grades, we will be using textbooks, CDs, and workbooks. In the upper grades, online sources will be used as well. Where relevant, music, art, history, and culture will be highlighted.

For French curriculum by grade, see the Curriculum Guide.


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