Independent School Kindergarten Program

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Kindergarten Curriculum Guide


A Sense of Wonder

A Kindergarten student approaches the world with a sense of wonder and questioning. At TGS, Kindergarten students explore hands-on materials to find out about the world around them and their place within it. Opportunities to question, learn, and grow abound in the Kindergarten classroom. From our morning meeting where each child is welcomed with a smile and a song, to our integrated thematic studies, each child has a voice in our community of learners.

The Orchards

Independent Elementary School Kindergarten friends The Grammar SchoolThe children travel to local orchards to pick apples and blueberries. They also visit local service providers within the community such as the Post Office or the Fire Department. These field trips are integrated with a variety of projects in the classroom such as reading, art, writing, and cooking.


Exploration & Discovery

Children learn through play as they explore a 
variety of materials and learning centers in the classroom each day. Integrated themes we study may include bats, our solar system, snow, magnets, sheep to shawl, our families, seeds/plants/flowers and insects. These discoveries are integrated with stories and hands-on projects. For French, children use songs, games, movement, coloring, and stories as avenues of exploration. We focus on the alphabet and simple vocabulary relating to body parts, weather, colors, numbers, farm animals, and household objects.


As part of the greater school community, Kindergarten students participate in our buddy program, our annual Global Education Theme studies, and in community service initiatives throughout the year.

Private Independent Elementary School Kindergarten project The Grammar SchoolSchool Vermont Kindergarten project The Grammar SchoolThe Kindergarten and Preschool classes also work together three times per week in collaborative study. This hands-on centers time is spent working closely with children on specific curricular and developmental goals. Small-group individualization enables us to meet each child where s/he is on the developmental spectrum. Tailoring the composition of the groups allows for differentiation and individualization in ability, interest, age, and opportunities for socialization. These centers are designed to promote early literacy, sensory activities, math and numeracy investigation, art projects, music and movement activities, and much more — all within a framework of child-centered and teacher-guided exploration, collaborative effort, age and skill appropriate activity, confidence building, and fun!  We’re looking forward to this new addition to our schedule, and we’re sure that the rich and vibrant Centers offerings will engage the children in wonderful ways.

Independent Elementary School Kindergarten Program |  Southern Vermont

The Grammar School lower school is a leading independent elementary school located in Putney, Vermont. Founded in 1960, The Grammar School Independent School is dedicated to the education and development of the whole child. Tours available throughout the school year.  Submit your online inquiry request or contact Admissions at 802-387-5364.