Independent School Preschool Program

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Preschool Curriculum Guide


Learning Through Play

independent School Preschool Program Award Winning Teacher | Led by  Preschool Director Ken Brautigam


Independent School Preschool Program Toddler Playing in treet

The Grammar School’s youngest students explore their potential to become thoughtful, independent and caring members of society. Within our central theme of “Who Am I?” we learn about our families, our communities, the natural world and ourselves. The hum of guided discovery takes place in a relaxed, playful and supportive environment. Children’s natural curiosity is nourished through the process of exploration and discovery, while their initiative and confidence blossom.

  • Located in a quiet corner of the Primary School building, the preschool classroom enjoys an easy-access connection to the kindergarten room for frequent shared activities and curricula.
  • Preschoolers have their own playground and expansive outdoor area, including wooded trails, a frog pond, stream, and surrounding fields. These areas abound with opportunities for imaginative play and exploration.
  • Storytelling, art, music, and drama are part of everyday activities.
  • Our preschoolers are part of the larger school community. We enjoy visits to other classrooms, the gym and theater, the upper school, and the library. Preschoolers attend our weekly All School Meeting, special drama, dance, and music presentations, and shared adventures with the kindergartners and other grades.
  • Our preschoolers learn French by singing, coloring, miming, and dancing. Madame Jo tells stories using the felt board and picture books. Topics include animals, numbers, colors, household objects, and basic verbs. Classes are lively and interactive and meet once a week.

Independent School Preschool Program |  Award Winning Preschool Director

Founded in 1960  The Grammar School is an independent school located in Putney, Vermont. Dedicated to carrying on traditions and striving for continued progress, The Grammar School is recognized as a distinguished independent school in New England. Please schedule a tour for a visit in person by filling out the online inquiry request form or contacting Admissions at 802-387-5364.