Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fees

Investing in a TGS Education

All tuition costs are listed below for each grade level. Tuition only covers part of the cost of educating each student at The Grammar School. Presently, the cost of education exceeds tuition by $2,000 per year. The School’s endowment, annual contributions from alumni, present and past parents, faculty and staff, and friends of The Grammar School make up the difference. When a child is accepted to The Grammar School, parents are required to confirm the acceptance with a $750 deposit, which will be credited to the tuition bill. The Grammar School offers need-based financial aid for qualifying applicants. All Grammar School students, including preschoolers, benefit from an array of enrichment experiences each week, including including studio art, music, library, physical skills development, French or Spanish. 

2018 – 2019 Tuition and Fees

Private School in Vermont Recorder Practice fourth grade The Grammar School
Kindergarten: $14,300
1st Grade: $14,900
2nd Grade: $15,500
3rd Grade: $16,100
4th Grade: $16,700
5th Grade: $17,300
6th Grade: $17,900
7th Grade: $18,500*
8th grade: $18,500*
* The Grammar School will offer a new tuition rate for 7th and 8th grade students residing in voucher towns for the 2018-2019 school year. Tuition for those students will be set at the state funding level of $14,297. Contact the Director of Admissions and Financial Aid for more information.

Private School in Vermont Field Trip to the Apple Orchards The Grammar School

Preschool (3-5 year-olds)

5 Day Morning Program
(8:20am – 12:30pm)         $7,700

5 Full Day Program
(8:20am – 3:00 pm)          $13,500

4 Full Day Program           $10,800

3 Full Day Program           $8,100

4 Day Morning Program     $6,200

3 Day Morning Program     $4,625










Parents choose the program that best suits their preschoolers’ needs and their own work schedules. A child must be enrolled for a minimum of three days each week (i.e., three mornings or three full days) During the school year families may add to the schedule as their children develop and as space allows.

Activity Fees

Fees are billed with tuition to cover class field trips and special events and range from $40 to $100 for kindergarten through 6th grade, $375 for 7th grade and $600 for 8th grade.

Bus Fees

bus-ride-routeFull time rider:     $975
Half time rider:    $490
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Tuition Payment

The Grammar School requires the $750 enrollment fee to be paid by March 27 or within TWO weeks of a student’s acceptance. There are three payment plans for remaining tuition:

  • Due in full on August 1
  • Due in two payments: August 1 and December 1
  • Due in 10 monthly installments via the FACTS program.

More information about the FACTS program is available from the Business Office.