Visual Arts

Visual Arts


Art Curriculum Guide

Private School in Vermont Visual Arts Program TGS Putney

Art is fundamental to our students’ intellectual, creative, physical, and emotional development. Our faculty strives to develop visually literate students and instill in students the joy of creating art. Through the art program, students become aware of and sensitive to art; they define, recognize, and use the elements and principals of visual design; they recognize and appreciate art and cultural influences of differing cultures and historical periods.

The art program encourages students to analyze, compare, and interpret art of self, other students, and other artists. A wide variety of media and techniques are used, allowing students to exhibit proficiency in using art terminology as well as developing skills in the safe and careful use of art supplies and tools.

The art curriculum is designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which students feel free to do their best creative work. Each student is challenged to fine tune manual skills according to their developmental ability. Criteria are set for each project and students are asked to satisfy the criteria within their work.