G.E.T. – Global Education Theme

The highlight of our 2016-2017 Global Education Theme came in March, when TGS hosted a naturalization ceremony for 20 candidates from 15 countries. Judge Colleen Brown of Middlebury, mother of former TGS art teacher Hannah Richards, was the presiding judge. Head of School Nick Perry welcomed the new citizens and the 4th-6th grade chorus led by parent Peter Siegel, sang the National Anthem and Phil Ochs’ Power and Glory.




VPR’s coverage of the ceremony


G.E.T. is an integral part of the schoolwide curriculum at TGS, and underscores the significance of worldwide issues. As a parent stated, “The importance of understanding and appreciating our world beyond southern Vermont and New Hampshire is a necessary reality for our children who are internationally connected and who must feel a responsibility to that extended community.”  


The theme this year was migration and immigration, a topic that directly related to all students at the school. “What are the forces, factors, and reasons for human immigration, what are patterns of movement around the globe, and why, and where do our ancestors come from?” have been the guiding questions for our yearlong study at TGS.


All grades explored students’ family histories and ethnic heritage. Students in Kindergarten-6th grade chose one mixed age group activity for the fall classes. Options included a musical about immigrant ancestors, migratory animals, Syrian refugees, and food origins. At all school meeting, several parents and grandparents shared stories about their families’ experiences immigrating to the United States.


Every year faculty choose a topic of global importance to examine in depth. During the fall, students work in mixed age groups to study different aspects of the theme, which include activities related to climate, geography, and culture. TGS has been fortunate to have connections with a student from Tanzania, a family from India, and an alumna who taught in South Africa, so the school was able to take advantage of those relationships to create a meaningful, current curriculum. Last year the whole school studied the water, and how life depends on it, and the ways we need to share it as a global resource. A goal for every G.E.T. exploration is to help students appreciate the relationships and interdependencies between people and their environments around the world.


Past G.E.T Themes

2016-17 – Migration/Immigration

2015-16 – Water

2014-15 – South Africa

2013-14 – Ecuador

2012-13 – India

2011-12 – Tanzania/Maasai

2010-11 – Haiti and the Dominican Republic

2009-10 – Pakistan and Afghanistan – Central