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One of our proudest traditions is the Annual Medieval Faire. Each year, The Grammar School transforms into a medieval village. Staffed entirely by parents, Teachers, Administarators, Upper School Students and Grandparent volunteers, the Medieval Faire is one of the most engaging and fun community events we host.
Traditional highlights include: Merlin the Wizard, climbing walls, archery, a candy-throwing catapult, haunted dungeon, dunking booth, pony rides, slay-the-dragon piñata, scavenger hunts, and knightings by King Arthur himself. With games, rides and entertainment for all ages the Faire has been a family favorite for 25 years.


Private School in Vermont Winter Spring ConcertsWinter & Spring Concerts are held in December and May. The Winter Concerts are held on two evenings (one each for lower and upper school students), and consist of holiday and solstice vocal and instrumental music. Kindergarten through sixth grade present a spring concert of vocal and instrumental music at the end of May.



Private School in Vermont Spring Fundraising EventSpring fundraising events changes venues every year but is vital to completing the annual fundraising expectations of the budget. Past events have included auctions, author evenings, and celebrity events. The event usually takes place on a Friday or Saturday evening in mid-May and is for adults. The event is organized and planned by parent volunteers in coordination with the development office. Planning begins in the winter, and all parents are asked to participate in some way.


Grandparents/grandfriend day is held in mid-May. Grandparents are invited to the school to attend morning classes and events with their grandchildren. Children who don’t have local or available grandparents are encouraged to bring a “grandfriend.” Grandparents and grandfriends are entertained in the classrooms, at recess, at a coffee hosted by the Chair of the Board and Head of School, and in an assembly of student music and theater performances.


All school cleanup days are held twice a year, generally in August and April or May. Parents and faculty work together on projects to maintain and improve the school buildings and grounds. Cleanup days are held on a Saturday morning, ending with a picnic lunch for all.


The library birthday party is a February event as old as TGS, and started as a way to acquire books for our library. Today, the librarian circulates a list of desired books, and those who wish may purchase a requested book for the library. Students entertain one another with literary-themed games and the event culminates with cupcakes for all.


The 7th and 8th grade musical is held in April or May on four consecutive evenings. All 7th and 8th graders participate in the musical, and it is an exceptional effort enjoyed by all the students, their families, and the community. The production process takes about two months and requires parental support with sets, props, costumes, and lighting.


private school in vermont graduation students on stageGraduation takes place in the evening of the last day of school. It is a major event for the school and usually lasts for several hours. After an opening reception, each student is honored in a singular speech given by the faculty or staff member of his or her choosing, and each graduate also gives his or her own presentation. Traditionally, these have included musical performances, poetry readings, or speeches. A retrospective of artwork by each of the graduates decorates the halls. The whole school is invited to this event.